We all know and love camping because how fun it is. Camping is the occasion that you can hang out with your friends and family in the wilderness and spend a lot of quality time with them. This can also be the right occasion for you to stay away from the hustle bustle of the city and to take a break literally. To put it in a nutshell, camping has always been something that we all love to do and want to make it even funnier in order to enjoy it more.

So how can we do that? We can make our time camping ever funnier with the help of music. Music is the key to change the mood, to make your camping experience more exciting and interesting. Below is the list of the entire musical instruments that you can bring to your camp to jam it up.

  • Guitar: What can beat the sound of guitar around campfire every night? The first instrument you need to take into consideration is the guitar we all know and love. First of all, guitar is not very expensive so you can easily grab a hold of one if you decided that you want to learn how to play some music around campfire. It is very easy to find the best acoustic guitar under 500 dollars for you to practice and show off your skills in front of your friends. Moreover, if your budget allows, you can opt to a more expensive and fancier guitar with a lot of different designs which can satisfy even the toughest customers. Second of all, guitar is not hard to learn. You do need some kind of musical talents in order to play a guitar decently. Learning how to play guitar is not as difficult as learning to play piano where you need to learn how to use both of your hands at the same time or like learning to playing violin where a wrong move can make the whole audience cringe. You just need to ask some of your friends who already know how to play one to teach you or you can search for tutorial videos on Youtube which can be a great place to start with as well.

  • Ukulele: Another alternative for you to choose from in case you do not want to bring a big guitar around is ukulele. Ukulele is much smaller than an actual guitar but able to produce beautiful sound if you know how. The only problem with ukulele is that they only have 4 strings which limit the sound you can make.


Tricks for a successful early season bow hunting trip

August is the starting time of bow hunting season in many states. The bow hunting season lasts until the end of the year. As a result, hunters have a lot of time with their hunting passion. The most productive period time of hunting must be late summer, fall, and early winter. In these periods of time, hunters not only get the highest productivity but also enjoy the most comfort when they are on the hunting trip. However, it does not mean that everyone can get the best result when hunting at these periods of time. Don’t you think best hunting equipment like a gamo silent cat for hunting is the only thing to define the success of a hunting trip? You should know that you need much more than that. Today, I would like to give you some tips to always have a great early season hunting trip.

No matter what the target of you is, you always get more advantages when you hunt in the early season than in other seasons.

  1. The animals you are hunting are the most precious and strong targets in the whole year.
  2. There is the whole coming summer for you to chase after your biggest target.
  3. The hunting competition you are joining is less competitive than other ones during the year because there are fewer hunters joining the competition.

To have you achieve a greatest early season bow hunting trip ever, I will provide you best tips ever.

  1. How to scout the target


Road bike buyer’s guides

How is a smart cycler? Is it sufficient as of having wonderful cycling skill? A good cycler will be further promoted by having a really effective bike, particularly road or mountain bike. A good bike should be the suitable but reasonable one. In the market there is a lot of advertisement for the Best Road Bikes Under 1000, interpreting the cheap and average cost road bike of good quality. The key is how to choose the most suitable, great quality but at the lowest cost.

Buyer guides

– Decide your types of biking journey: before you make your decision on choosing, it is important for you to identify the types of your biking road such as a long heavy road, a short but tough single track or simple the ordinary road around the city. Road bike will have vibration or shaking part which is useful in reducing the influence of bad road. Level of vibration reduction is different from types of road bike; therefore, making sure that the one you choose is in line with the types of road you bike.

– Fitting road bike: it means manufacturer often offers to the users a set of available road bike with full components of a certain price, especially for the cheap and average range. You should accept the deal or you can think of having some additional features of around 100 – 150 $ if you are afford. Some simple add-ons can improve the quality much if you are able to make use of it. (more…)

Sport injuries and its danger

Professional or amateur sport activities are emerging in all areas for all ages. Playing sport is a really great activity to improve health conditions, release of any muscle and back pain, enhance the blood circulation and promote the keeping of good fit. However, there can be a lot of hidden dangerous accidents which will directly cause injuries to the players in case of carelessness and mistaking. It can apply to any kinds of sports activities as follows.

A scooter: an interesting teenager sport entertainment activity

Scooter is very well known for teenagers because of its fast and adventure feel when riding. A scooter will vary itself in types and the most impressive one will be the scoter with one upright sitting for rider and the gear. This type of scooter will give to the riders the real and strong feeling of fast and furious travel. That is the reason why some people may think that riding a scoter can be rather dangerous. Of course, when you ride a vehicle you are going to face with any kinds of accidents, even you are having the long time experience in the field.

Concerning the scooter, most of the accidents are caused by high speed of riding. A too speedy pace can make the riders lose their control; they can hurt themselves by falling which can lead to injuries such as broken legs, hands, painful back and muscle. It will be even worse when you hit something, especially to other travelling vehicles. The accidents will be more serious. However, scooter should often be rode in large area to avoid the collision therefore scooter for broken leg or hand is more occurred. Obliviously, scoter is dangerous but it will not make sense if you stop riding or do not dare to ride. All activities will engage in danger if we do not know how to control it. You are required to follow all the safety instructions for scooter riding if you want to keep yourself safe while enjoying all the wonderful and amazing feel and comfort of scooter riding. (more…)

Camping – things to know

Part 2_ How to camp

In this article, we will learn how to camp or build/fold a tent.

  • First, you should camp tents in open spaces where has shadow of trees and in afternoon-best time to camp. Here are more details:

– Choose the flat, clean ground where has no any jagged rock, thorn bush or grass, but has large trees without roots.
– Avoid downwind blowing into the tent.
– Do not camp the tent close up high trees because it is very dangerous when raining.
– Do not camp tent in the dried river or somewhere near that because water flood could come suddenly.

  • Second, to build a tent fast and properly, campers must carry out all sync operation or know exactly his/her task. For a team with 8 people: two campers hold two columns, placed them on separated position 1 and 2 on the tent roof; other two campers stand in position A1 and A2, and pile two first spindles to stretch the tent roof (far from a tent column base about 1.6 meters ), then pull tight or stretch rope and tire them; four campers stand at four positions B1, B2, B3, B4 simultaneously, pull four corners of the tent out; four campers that are ranked 1, 2, A1, A2 leave their position, and come to the end of the line and column C, while the B and C columns are aligned to form a rectangle around the tent.


Camping – things to know

Part 1_basic knowledge

When mentioning to “camping”, there are many people think that it is a fun, recreation, tourism, picnic … or something like that. This misconception is quite common, even in youth organizations. Actually, camping is a necessary activity in daily life and especially in educating the young because it helps them experience adventures, discoveries, or promote their health, endurance. Thanks to this activity, they will find themselves closer to nature, and make their soul become more liberal, which is a good chance for them to escape from the hustle and bustle of the city life. Moreover, when working in group, they have opportunity to learn and practice the soft skills, build friendship and unity…. All in valuable experience will become a beautiful part of the youth.

There are many types, forms of camping and it depends on the camp and demand, conditions:

  1. Weekend camp:

This is a form of camping for a small group that directed by a captain and organized within 24 hours. For this kind of camping, you should cook fresh food you buy in camping area, instead of buying processed food.

  1. Skills camp:


How to choose the best mountain bike? (Part 2)

This article is the next part of writing “How to choose the best mountain bike?” And it will provide you other tips to have a good mountain bike.

Tip 3: paying attention to parts of the bikes when purchasing.

  • Fork: The reason makes the fork important is that fork is the place to absorb shocks or impact forces and to keep the bike stable. There are two main types of fork: springs fork and vapor fork. The main differences between them are the weight and the durability. The former is heavier than the later, but it is more durable than vapor one. If you like a fork that has a high level of stability, a springs fork is the best choice. However, if you want to minimize impulses, you should select the other.
  • Brake: The best brake system is disc brake, then hydraulic disc brake and mechanical disc brake standing behind. Disc brake is more expensive then rubber one, but costs more.

Tip 4: Buying associated accessories. (more…)

Camping – things to know

Part 3: how to cook when camping

Of course, cook is one of the most essential parts of camp.

If you are the person take responsibility for cooking, you must understand the nutritional value of the normal food. And bearing two guidelines in mind: saving and sanitary. As we know, camp is the best chance for the campers to practice and demonstrate their culinary talents. This is a heavy responsibility, but interesting. Canned food should only be used in the long day camps or in case we cannot afford fresh food. At camp, we should cook simple dishes, but still be delicious and more important nutritious. A standard cook is those who take responsibility for kitchens, must meet the following criteria:

  • Know to make a draft menu for teams in the 3 day camp.
  • Know to choose or buy fresh food.
  • Know to preserve food in several days.
  • Know to generate normal cookers.
  • Know to make a fire just to cook and preserve wood as well.
  • Know to disinfect water before cooking and can cook some common dishes in camp.
  • Know to keep the cook area clean.

Regarding to making a menu, first of all, we have to understand that we have to determine how much our budget is, how many people eat, and how many days we go camping. After that, we just go market and buy necessary food. If your group go camping for several days and that place is distant to markets, the cook must know what food can be used in a long term (or nonperishable food) without processing such as eggs, sausage, dried fish, canned …, what food can be processed so long such as shrimp rim, distilled salted, fried shrimp paste, rub cotton …, or what certain things we have to eat right such as meat, fish, vegetables…. And this is based on what we draft in a menu for simple team. If you have an extensive finance, you can buy chickens that can use a long time, especially fresh and nutritious.

Here is the sample menu for 8 people to eat in 3 days, the menu can includes: (more…)

How to choose the best mountain bike? (Part 1)

Mountain biking is an interesting, and adventure outdoor sport which cyclists will express his ingenuity, courageous spirit as well as his own limits. Choosing a mountain bike (MTB-Mountain bike) is not easy at all. Here are five useful tips that will help you get by yourself a quality and most affordable one.

Tip One: understanding what a mountain bike is.

Whichever sport do you engage, it is better for you to prepare yourself for some certain knowledge. Therefore, before you decide to buy a mountain bike, you should know what the mountain biking is and what the player needs to prepare for.

The MTB is specifically designed to be able to climb through a multitude of terrains. This kind of sport requires players to sit on a dedicated mountain bike to go over rough terrains. In fact, mountain biking is a challenging sport for all players, both in physically and mentally. Coming to this sport, we have to force ourselves to find the ways to move through hills, valleys where are full of rocks, ravines or any obstacles. Mountain biking, in general, is a relatively new sport. The idea of ​​bikes for off-road started appearing in the end of the 70s and early in the 80s. In 1981, the first MTB began to launch. In the 1990s and the 2000s, mountain bike really thrived and become popular in many parts of the world. Moreover, in some countries, they designed the dedicated off-road track for mountain bike races and we still have enjoyed those races until now. (more…)